Shondra Jackson
In this controversial erotic novella, author Shondra Jackson explores the lives some of those
in the upper-crust African-American community in Atlanta and the married men who are a part
of it and live double lives on the man-on-man sexual down-low.

Marcus married his college sweetheart, Rochelle, just as he felt it was expected for him to do
and joined his father-in-law’s retail empire in an upper management position. Years later,
Marcus knows that he has sexual desires that his wife can’t quench…which leads him to a
willing younger, white guy, Eric, in his office. But when feelings beyond sex start to become
involved will Marcus give up his male lover to maintain his social position?

Rochelle, a former beauty queen, has grown increasingly frustrated over her passionless
marriage. When she develops a wandering eye for the muscular, virile pool guy, Tyrone, will
her own sexual desires take her down a troubled road?

On the surface, Eric lives an out and proud life in Atlanta’s gay community, but he harbors a
secret from his friends that brings him shame and taboo erotic desire at the same time…an
affair with a married man at work. When he begins to fall in love with his closeted boss,
Marcus, will Eric fess up to his true feelings?

Tyrone may spend most of his days cleaning pools and tending to the gardens of Atlanta’s
African-American wealthy, but his true passion lies in his lifelong dream to be an actor. When
Nate Jenkins, a celebrated black filmmaker, shows interest in him is it too good to be true?
Does Jenkins have a secret agenda and shocking true plan for Tyrone?

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About Shondra Jackson...

Shondra Jackson grew up in the small coastal Mississippi town of Bay St. Louis.  In her teenage
years, she devoured the glitzy saga novels of Jackie Collins, Harold Robbins, and Jaqueline
Susann and dreamed of one day living the glamorous life depicted in the racy novels.  After
graduating from college and then studying to be an actuary unbeknownest to her she became
involved with a man on the down-low.  After taking time to heal her broken heart, she began to
study and research the lives of men on the DL and what made them tick.  Her research led to the
story idea for Sugar and Spice.

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