Samantha Egret
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She's gonna rock his world...

Danny Ayres has always lived his life on his terms. As a marketing
exec for a big-time record label, he never had to look far for a
willing fling, and rarely gave repeat performances. When he falls
for a once-in-a-lifetime woman, he knows that even he can't
negotiate out of this deal. But when in the same week he loses
his job and his proposal falls flat, he starts to wonder if he's lost
his touch.

Hannah Mercury has always found comfort in the straightforward
procedures of civil service, and has organized her suburban life
to high standards. Recently estranged from her husband and
vulnerable from a careless indiscretion, she knows it's wise to
keep Danny at arms' length.

During a chance meeting at lunch, Danny strikes up a
conversation with Hannah, and the two forge an unlikely
friendship. But after a brief and unexpected encounter takes the
two beyond the platonic and into the erotic, Hannah realizes just
why Danny's only been successful at one-night stands. She makes
a proposition to teach him, in way he never dreamed possible,
what it takes to REALLY satisfy a woman sexually and win back his
dream girl.

But can they satisfy their carnal desires without losing control of
their hearts?
Samantha Egret was born of a passion for writing
and a desire to create an open dialog on female
sexuality. She resides in Downtown Los Angeles,
among the high-rises and large-living, a graduate of
the high-stakes world of public relations. Desire's
Anthem is her first novel.

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Q &A with Samantha
1.  What sparked your inspiration to write Desire's Anthem?

Opposites and the unexpected. In cultivating Desire's Anthem, I had an idea to pair a rock 'n'
roll type guy with a conventional office gal. I was fascinated by the idea that we can't necessarily
predict the extent to which we will connect with certain people, especially those with whom we
perceive we have nothing in common. Sometimes certain "types" can end up surprising us, and
often this surprise can be incredibly arousing! So I knew I had an Erotica-type story. As a result,
I set out to present a story that features a heroine that defies the conventional profile in Erotica.
My character is in her mid-thirties, is married, and a mother. Seldom is such a woman presented
in Erotica as one that can not only be a sexual being, but one that has a lot to teach a known
Lothario about having satisfying sex.

2.  What do you think the book has to say about the "every day woman" who's married with

I think one of the essential factors noted in Desire's Anthem is that all women need to nurture
themselves and their needs, lest they lose sight of who they are as individuals. My female
character says something very telling in the book: "I've spent so much of my young adulthood
just worrying about how to be the perfect wife and mother that I lost sight of who I was,
essentially. So I started doing things that were not at all like me. I guess if you lose track of who
you are enough, or don't cultivate it enough, boredom just sort of sets in and takes over—and
you open yourself up to anything happening, instead of the things you plan or want." Women
have got to start voicing their needs, not to the detriment of their families' needs, but rather to
ensure that their relationships are mutually fulfilling. It's like the oxygen mask rule on an
airplane. If you don't put your mask on first, you won't have enough left to help your child. And
then you both suffocate.

3.  Why do you think the media often portrays mothers in an asexual way?

I think it's safe and easy in our society to assume that a mother is willing to sacrifice anything for
her children, including her sexuality. I also think that society expects men to be driven by their
hormones, but expects women to be sensible. And so a woman who is also a mother is
expected to be uber-sensible. This can become a dangerous ticking time bomb, especially
since a woman's sex drive actually increases as she gets older, just as her husband's is
decreasing. If the two have not had an open dialog early on that allows for the wife to be
sexually assertive, even as she is playing the role of "mom", she may expect her husband to
initiate at the very stage when he is ready to slow down. And then her needs are not being
fulfilled. Desire's Anthem features a woman that, when we meet her, has unfortunately gotten
caught in a very damaging relationship with a younger man, precisely because she is seeking
the fulfillment, either sexual or emotional or both, that she is not getting from her husband. I
want to encourage women not only to assert themselves sexually, but to truly believe that they
themselves are worthy sources of desire.  A woman that not only embraces her sexuality but
also knows she can BE the fantasy emanates a power and a confidence that is truly a force with
which to be reckoned: and it's damn sexy to her partner, too!

4.  You must really like RC Cola.  It appears in many of your author photos.  Any background on

Without giving too much away, R.C. are the initials of someone very important in my life, who
has influenced my writing. It's why I've dedicated my book to R.C., and why I drink R.C. Cola.

5.  What's next for Samantha?

I would like to continue to explore opposites and the unexpected. In Desire's Anthem I did this in
the realm of a conventional office setting. I've recently been reading about Mata Hari, and I
think I may want to delve deeper into that topic, and the world of the erotic dancer, perhaps
from the perspective of a modern wife that connects with Mata Hari: Mata Hari reborn, so to

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