Brittany Batong
The past was the only place their love could exist.

Kara, a twenty-something art school graduate has resigned herself to contentment
in the routines of everyday family life as a commuting suburbanite. An unexpected
attraction to Jake, a slacker-colleague in her office, is further complicated when a
visit to a lavish old movie palace initiates a journey into the past.

Kara and Jake inexplicably find themselves thrown into the turbulence of Los
Angeles during the Great Depression, maintaining a feigned marriage as
inhabitants of a boarding house in a forgotten community of Los Angeles called
Bunker Hill. As partners in a past that is both exciting and adversarial, Jake and
Kara begin to develop very real romantic feelings for one another, even as they
are bound to identities in a time that does not yet exist.

A Time Apart follows two people as they discover a Los Angeles beyond their
separate lives, beyond all comprehensible experience, and beyond that which is
real or imagined.

About Brittany Batong:

Brittany Batong has been hearing and telling stories her whole life, most of them
based in and around the Los Angeles area. She grew up in the idyllic coastal farm
town of Ventura, California, dreaming of becoming a professional character
animator. As a child, she spent countless adventures exploring Los Angeles and
the greater Southern California region, where most of her extended family was
based. She remembers her first experience tasting escargots as a truly religious
one. As a teenager she nurtured interests in theatre, poetry, and the arts.

At an early age, she developed respect for the sometimes hidden history that
dwells underneath the modern facade of contemporary life. She spent four years
at the internationally renowned California Institute of the Arts, studying the art of
storytelling through hand-drawn animation, after which she...did nothing with her
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Instead, she continued to observe interesting
people and see new story opportunities working for the Cities of Los Angeles and
Santa Clarita. Brittany finds that the most interesting stories lie within the hearts
of people who lead lives and work in environments that are seemingly ordinary.
Ever in love with local history, she enjoys working and playing in Downtown Los
Angeles and uncovering its sometimes less-than-evident treasures.

She developed the idea for her first novel, "A Time Apart", in her mind for seven
years before fully realizing it. She currently resides in Santa Clarita, California with
her husband and two sons; and is grateful for this interdependent web of
existence of which we are a part.

You may email her at
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The road west would lead them to each other… Hilde Graham is an independent-
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Patrick West has known only defeat through the horrors of war, time in a German
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Each is uniquely capable of understanding the others’ heart as they fight for a
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